Design Sprint Workshop

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is the perfect way to start a new project or create significant change to an existing one.

It focuses the whole team about what the goal is, and allow us to examine our ideas in just a few days. By doing so, we save time and money!


Design Sprint



Sprint Structure

The method that was established by Jake Knapp, originally included 5 days, later on got shortened into 4 days. I follow the upgraded method of AJ& Smart, a well known agency for teaching Design Sprints. They received Jack's blessing.

Who Participates?

in order to have different perspectives, it's better to have different stakeholders in the team as much as it can. The group must have 1 person to facilitate the sprint, and 1 person who is in charge of the product and can take all the decisions about it.

Day 01:

Define Challenge & Produce Solutions

The first day is built from exercises that would help us to define our challenge and produce a massive amount of solutions.

Day 02:

Vote on solution & Storyboarding

On the second day, we’ll vote on the best solution, create user flow and wireframed storyboard.

Day 03:


Design team designs the screens according to wireframes, and creates a prototype of the user flow in Figma. The purpose is to have a feeling of a real GUI when we check our concepts with our users.

Day 04:

Usability Testing