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What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is the perfect way to start a new project or create significant changes to an existing one.

The workshop focuses the whole team on what the goal is, allowing us to examine ideas in just a few days. It not only generates creative solutions, it also saves time and money!


Design Sprint




Since 2019

Sprint Structure

The original method, established by Jake Knapp, takes 5 days. We follow the 4 day upgraded method developed by AJ&Smart, a well known design sprint agency. (They received Jake’s blessing.)

Who Participates?

To gain different perspectives, it’s best to have as many different stakeholders as possible. The group should include 1 person who facilitates the sprint and 1 person who’s in charge of the product and can make decisions about it.

Day 01:

Define the challenge & produce solutions

We conduct exercises to help us define the challenge and produce a massive amount of solutions.

Day 02:

Vote on solution & storyboarding

We vote on the best solution, set the user flow, and create a storyboard wireframe.

Day 03:


The design team designs screens according to the wireframe and creates a prototype of the user flow in Figma, with the aim of having the feeling of a real GUI to check our concepts with users.

Day 04:

Usability Testing

We run the tests on 5 potential users. Researches have shown that 5 users are enough to get 80% of opinions. and usually after 5 users, you would hear the same comments. Usually we would do the testing online with shared screen, so we 'll be able to watch the user's screen. In some cases, when the fisical dimantion is part of the user flow, we would run face to face tests.